Quantity Pricing

On most items, Quantity Pricing appears in a table on HardwareAndTools.com directly below the pricing block which includes the list price and our price. Add the required quantity or more to your cart it will automatically calculate at the lower quantity price. You may add [+] or subtract [-] one at a time with our value changer or overtype the quantity with up to thousands. To delete an item from the cart simply hit the [X] or change the quantity to 0. Note: Our website is both mobile and tablet friendly.

Certain items are priced per package and sold only in multiples of their shelf packs. The quantity in the value changer reflects that multiple. You can add or subtract via the value changer as above, except that whatever quantity you enter will be increased to the shelf packs multiple.

Large commercial quantity quotes can be requested via our "Quotation Request" form linked below. Depending on time available, quantity, availability, ship to information and other factors the quote may or may not yield additional savings. Quotation Orders are ordered specifically for you and are NOT returnable.