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Wrenches - Safety Tips:
  • Applying excessive torque will strip or damage threads, so quality wrenches are designed to keep leverage and intended load in safe balance.
  • Users should not put extension handles or cheaters on wrench handles to increase leverage. Instead, the proper size wrench should be used.
  • When possible, a wrench should be pulled, not pushed. Also be sure to brace your stance in case of sudden release or slippage of the fastener.
  • Never place sockets designed for a hand tool on a power tool or impact wrench.
  • When breaking loose frozen fasteners, always use a box wrench with a striking face or a heavy-duty socket wrench and a sledge hammer of the appropriate size.
  • Always make sure the wrench is completely seated on the nut or bolt being fastened—never tilt the wrench at an angle.
  • When using an adjustable wrench, pull so that the force is on the fixed side of the jaw.
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