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Hammers & Striking Tools

Hammer Safety Tips
  • Do not strike a hardened steel surface, concrete or stone with a steel claw hammer. Metal chips can result in injury to the user or any bystanders.
  • Never use a hammer with a loose, cracked or broken handle—replace the handle.
  • Never use a hammer with a chipped, cracked or mushroomed face.
  • Discard hammers with cracked claws or eye sections.
  • Do not use the hammer handle for striking, and never use it as a pry bar—this could cause the handle to split.
  • Always strike the surface squarely—avoid making glancing blows.
  • Always wear safety goggles when hammering any object.
  • Never strike a hammer with or against another hammer.
  • Always use a hammer of the right size and weight for the job.
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