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Cutters, Shears, Scissors & Sharpeners

Safety Tips:

  • Always wear safety glasses when using snips or bolt cutters.
  • Always wear gloves when using snips or bolt cutters.
  • Do not use cheater bars or hammer the handles of snips or bolt cutters for extra leverage.
  • Snips are designed to cut sheet metal up to .062 inches in thickness. Never use snips to cut sheet metal that is thicker than this.
  • Different snips are designed to cut different thickness of sheet metal. Make sure you are using the right size for the thickness of metal you’re cutting.
  • Snips are designed to cut soft metal only, never hardened metal.
  • Keep the nut and bolt on the snips oiled and properly adjusted at all times.
  • If the tool comes equipped with a locking clip, such as aviation snips, be sure to use it when not in use.
  • Wipe the cutting edge of the snips with a lightly oiled rag after each use
  • Professional metalworkers require specific tools for specific jobs, so we have a wide range of snips and cutting tools available.
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