Tack Hammers

  • Tack hammers are light and are used for driving small wire nails, brads, pins and tacks.
  • Used for furniture upholstery and to drive small nails and tacks.
  • Round face on one end is designed to pick up nails and tacks, while a narrow, square head on the other end is used to drive them.
  • Features a magnetic face opposite either a driving face or a claw.
Stanley Tools 54-304 5 Ounce Tack Hammer
SKU: EFFA-6542
UPC: 076174543049
$14.19   $12.29

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Tack hammers hickory handle polished face head weight 5 ounce oa length 10-1/2 inches Hammer has a forged 3- 3/4 inches head with magnetic tip, black finish...

Mintcraft JL23004-3L Hammer Tack 7 Ounce Wd 9-1/4 Hndl
SKU: GFCA-0452
UPC: 045734982130
$10.99   $9.49

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Tack hammers hickory handle head wt. 7 ounces handle lgth 9 inches -1/4 Drop forge high carbon steel heads with a tempered striking face. Pull apart exceeds...

Handsam Industrial(Wuxi) Co 704405 Master Mechanic 5 Ounce Tack Hammer
SKU: UDAB-9950
UPC: 052088037324
$8.99   $6.49

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Master mechanic, 5 oz, tack hammer, fully polished head, engraved fsc hickory handle with anti-slip cap, slotted end of hammer is magnetized to pick up small...