Razor Knives & Carton Cutters

Razor knives and carton cutters hold single edge razor blades and are designed to cut corrugated cardboard, paper, drywall, tape, wallcoverings and other soft materials.
Allway EK Easy Kutter Neon Utility Knife Assorted Colors
SKU: BDCA-9140
UPC: 037064070304
$11.00/case = $1.10/each

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Flat metal blade, metal frame construction with push-pull action. Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper and wallcovering. Holds single edge razor blade. Color can...

Hyde 31550 Razor Knife
SKU: EBEA-6560
UPC: 079423315503
$4.49   $3.59

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Wallcovering knives quick change carded Use to cut, slice, or trim wallcovering, paper, foil, etc. Metal frame holds single edge razor blade without tools....

Hyde 42005 Razor Blade Carton Cutter
SKU: EFDA-8092
UPC: 079423420054
$2.89   $2.19

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Metal frame that retracts blade for safety Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper and wallcovering. Metal frame construction, holds single edge razor blade; blade...

Hangzhou 104610 Carton Cutter Utility Knives
SKU: ULAB-9165
UPC: 052088003299
$2.69   $1.99

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Master mechanic, retractable carton cutter, box cutter accepts all single edge blades, all metal design, includes 5 extra single edge blades.

Zinsser 98024 Softgrip Wallpaper Trimmer Razor Knife With 5 Blades
SKU: UDCB-9329
UPC: 047719980247
$7.29   $6.09

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Make clean, steady cuts with the Rust-Oleum Zinsser SoftGrip Wallpaper Trimmer Knife. This razor knife's patented design features a non-slip,…