Pot Shields & Covers

Lodge GL12 Cover Glass Skillet 12In Dia
SKU: CGBA-7133
UPC: 075536064390
$75.00/case = $25.00/each

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Covers glass dia 12 inches Fits No. L10SK3 (SKU) 272.3468 skillet; No. L10CF3 (SKU) 625.3751 chicken fryer; No. L10DOL3 dutch oven (SKU) 154.5367 and No....

Chef Craft 21006 Ecko 10 Inch Splatter Screen
SKU: EDGA-1423
UPC: 085455210068
$3.39   $2.59

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Splatter screens"ecko" dia. 10 inch Stainless steel and aluminum painted white, helps to stop splattering grease during cooking and frying.…

Nordic Ware 14800 Cover Pan Dry Fry Crispy 13In
SKU: DAAA-9071
UPC: 011172148001
$13.69   $11.89

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Fry splatter screen crispy dry aluminum mesh dia 13 inches Woven screen design contains splatters while letting steam escape. Fits pans 10- 12 inches...

Squish 41036 Shield Splat Exp Poly Red
SKU: FCCA-0917
UPC: 073287410367
$103.80/case = $17.30/each

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Pot & pan cover splatter shield - foldable Silicone. Heat resistant. Fits up to 13in Pan or Pot. Foldable design. Super easy clean-up in the dishwasher.

Bradshaw 24890 Splatter Screen
SKU: UKDB-5869
UPC: 076753248907
$6.69   $5.59

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11- 1/2 inches splatter screen, sturdy construction, plastic handle, stops splatters before occuring.

Squish 41036 RED Squish Splat Screen
SKU: ULCB-1393
UPC: 073287410367
$23.79   $20.99

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Red, Squish Collapsible Splatter Screen, Heat Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, make Storage Challenges Disappear In 1 Flat Second.