Pool Clarifier & Algaecide

Biolab 23502 Yellow Gone For Swimming Pools
SKU: EBCA-7582
UPC: 731524444420
$16.59   $14.49

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Yellow gone for swimming pools size 2 pounds No brushing needed. Yellow gone dissolves mustard, green, brown or pink algae. Safe for all pool surfaces...

Biolab 16012AQU Aqua Chem Pool Chem Salt Cell Prtct 1 Qt
SKU: FACA-3589
UPC: 014746635631
$19.99   $17.59

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Pool chemicals salt pool cell protector bottle size 1 quart Converts into chlorine with salt system cell. Helps maintain pH and contains water clarifier....

Arch Chemical 67014 32 Ounce Phosphate Remover
SKU: ULEB-7982
UPC: 073187670144
$92.40/case = $15.40/each

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Hth, 32 oz, phosphate remover, removes phosphates that feed algae in pool water, helps keep pool chemistry balanced.

Arch Chemical 67062 HTH HTH 38 Ounce Algae Guard
SKU: ULJB-2826
UPC: 073187670625
$73.20/case = $12.20/each

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Hth, 38 oz, algae guard 30, 30% strength, prevents green, black & yellow algae, non-foaming formula, active ingredient quarternary ammonium compounds,...