Offset Screwdrivers & Offset Ratcheting Screwdrivers

  • Offset Screwdrivers and ratcheting offset screwdrivers are designed for removing and inserting screws in places where it is impossible to use a straight shank screwdriver.
  • In non-ratcheting varieties with two blades often one side is Phillips and the other slotted.
  • Ratcheting varieties usually come with four or more tips
  • Some models available with reversible ratcheting mechanism to turn screw tip and magnetized tips to guide screws into holes or otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Others have split-points that can be expanded in width to fill the screw slot and hold screws when guiding into inaccessible areas. A spring clamp that fits over the screw head, holding the bit in the slot, serves a similar purpose.
General Tools 8071 Ratchet Offset Screwdriver Set
SKU: AFGA-9337
UPC: 038728426734
$14.69   $12.49

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Offset screwdriver set, ratchet 5-piece, 4 inches length. Made from steel with nickel plating. Ratchet screwdriver set, for reaching inaccessible screws...

General Tools 807SX Ratchet Offset Screwdriver
SKU: ELAA-6140
UPC: 038728426673
$10.89   $9.39

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Ships in 1 to 2 Weekdays

Offset screwdrivers ratchet style slotted/phillips Features one Phillips and one Slotted screwdriver blade and a reversible ratchet; alternative to...

General Tools 80075 Scrwdvr Offset Ratched 9-Pc
SKU: GEKA-1916
UPC: 038728800756
$21.75   $18.49

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Drive ratchet sets 9-pieces Ratchet Screwdriver gives you a greater amount of torque than a standard screwdriver, and is perfect for reaching screws in...

Mintcraft JLO-0203L Offset Screwdriver Set 2 Piece
SKU: JDAA-4764
UPC: 045734981782
$3.25   $2.09

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Offset screwdriver sets 2-pieces Heat treated and chrome plated for durability, knurled handle for sure grip. Offset heads reach targets in angles and tight...

Hangzhou 164995 Master Mechanic MM 2PC Screwdriver Set
SKU: ULEB-9440
UPC: 052088877999
$3.99   $2.19

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Master mechanic, 2 piece, offset screwdriver set, includes phillips & slotted 90 degree blade angles, for cramped hard to reach places.

BWT 84084 Pock Ratch Screwdriver
SKU: UGGB-0821
UPC: 080497840846
$117.60/case = $4.90/each

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Pocket ratchet screwdriver, drives 1/4 inches insert bits, drives nuts & screws in tough spots, comfort grip handle.