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Lil Drug Store 7-92554-11404-2 Tweezer Slant
SKU: FDJA-0609
UPC: 792554124041
$16.80/case = $1.40/each

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Tweezers slant With precision ground edge and easy grip. Hang Tag.

DM TWZ-TECH Tweezer Tech Tweezers
SKU: ULCB-5266
UPC: 722950224526
$57.60/case = $2.40/each

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Tweezer tech tweezers, a cutting edge approach to primping, the at home salon essential sports an innovative contoured no slip grip in bright, vivid colors,...

Great Lakes Wholesale 9221523161 5Pk TPL Razor Blade
SKU: ULGB-8840
UPC: 792215231613
$2.59   $1.89

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Health care, 5 pack, precision plus triple razor blade, for men, close, smooth shave, new technology, normal & sensitive skin.

Great Lakes Wholesale 02231GEM Slant Tip Tweezers
SKU: UKAB-0593
UPC: 072032402237
$7.80/case = $1.30/each

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Gem Slant Tip Tweezers, Have A Precision Ground Surface To Remove Even Difficult To Grip Hairs, They Have Specially Engineered Finger Pads For Easy…