Staple & Brad Guns Dual Use

  • In addition to staples, this tool shoots a variety of brad nails with a one-hand lever operation.
  • Good for a variety of jobs requiring material to be held with one hand and fastened with the other, such as cedar planking in closets, installing thin trim moulding, etc.
  • Some newer designs feature a handle that is squeezed toward the front instead of the rear, making it easier to use and control.

Staplers Safety Tips:

  • When using a staple gun, make sure you are using the right size staples for the material you are stapling. Also, be sure to double check which portion the staples eject from before using. The correct end should be properly marked on the tool.
  • When using a hammer tacker or any other stapler, make sure the spring clip is securely fastened to avoid it shooting out of the back of the tool in use.
  • Never shoot staples into the air; always shoot staples into a work piece.
  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • Be sure to keep any staple gun clean to avoid the staples getting clogged. Periodically take a pipe cleaner and thoroughly clean the track where the spring holder is located

A staple gun is a useful tool for many different types of professionals, from  roofing contractors to upholsterers. We carry a wide variety of the different types of staples in various lengths to accommodate the needs of our professional customers.

Stanley Tools DWHTTR350 DeWalt Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler And Brad Nailer
SKU: FGAA-3207
UPC: 076174701357
$36.69   $32.59

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Ships in 1 to 2 Weekdays

Has a heavy-duty ratchet mechanism for high torque applications. Easy-squeeze technology helps reduce actuation force. Anti-jam magazine prevents jams and...

Arrow Fastener 8000 PowerShot Power Shot Pro Staple And Nail Gun
SKU: GFDA-5058
UPC: 666880080008
$37.19   $32.99

Rapid Ship
Ships in 1 to 2 Weekdays

Staple gun and brad nailer powershot pro Forward action design eliminates stapler kickback. Fires 1/4 inch thru 9/16 inch heavy duty powershot and arrow t50...

Stanley Tools TR250 Sharp Shooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun Brad Nailer
SKU: JABA-8870
UPC: 076174050073
$36.39   $32.29

Rapid Ship
Ships in 1 to 2 Weekdays

Easy-squeeze mechanism works overtime as a staple gun, brad nailer, cable tacker and wire tacker. All-metal drive channel ensures better penetration. Heavy...

Arrow Fastener 5700 Heavy Duty Staple Gun
SKU: UKCB-1027
UPC: 028874057005
$37.69   $33.49

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Ships in 4 to 6 Weekdays

Powershot heavy duty staple & nail gun, forward action design makes tool easy to use, fires 1/4 inches through 9/16 inches heavy duty narrow crown…

FPC 5600 Master Mechanic Heavy Duty 3 In 1 Staple Gun
SKU: UKGB-9144
UPC: 018239315659
$18.89   $16.59

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Ships in 3 to 4 Weekdays

Surebonder, heavy duty staple gun. Use #4 heavy duty staples, #8 heavy duty brad nails & #9 heavy duty pin nails or arrow t50 staples 1/4 inches -…

Arrow Fastener T50RED RED RED Tacker/Brad Nailer
SKU: ULJB-0781
UPC: 079055123903
$36.99   $32.89

Alternate Warehouse
Ships in 3 to 4 Weekdays

Red, heavy duty staple gun tacker & brad nailer, ergonomic soft rubber grip, lightweight die cast housing, quick bottom load, precision fastener control...

Arrow Fastener T50PBN Heavy Duty Tacker And Brad Nailer
SKU: UJLB-9632
UPC: 079055050018
$38.69   $34.39

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Heavy duty tacker and brad nailer, for use with bn1810 5/8 inch brad nails and t50 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16 and 17/32 staples.