Corner Clamps & Edging Clamps

  • Corner clamps are designed to hold miter or butt joints at a 90 degree angle.
  • They can be used for gluing picture frames, cabinets, molding and trim.
  • Edging clamps are a three-way clamp resembling a C-Clamp with a third screw located in the middle of the throat.
  • Used to apply pressure at a right angle to the side of the work surface.
  • Commonly used for installing molding and trim on furniture and countertops
Kreg Tool KHC-90DCC Corner Clamp 90 Degree
SKU: CGKA-2974
UPC: 647096800345
$47.39   $42.19

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Corner clamps 90 degree lxwxh 13 inches x 7-1/4 x 3-1/2 Features a self squaring design which automatically aligns joints to a 90 degree angle when...

Irwin 226200 Quick Grip Corner Clamp 3 Inch
SKU: ECEA-6455
UPC: 038548014913
$14.39   $12.49

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Corner clamps light duty size 3 inches Corner clamp is perfect for picture frames, and smaller projects.

Irwin 226410 Angle Clamp 90 Degree
SKU: JCJA-4346
UPC: 038548014937
$39.49   $35.09

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Angle clamps 90 degree Designed to hold materials up to 3 inches thick, at 90 degree angle.

Bessey Tools WS-1 90 DEG Corner Clamp
SKU: UKLB-6982
UPC: 091162000403
$12.19   $10.49

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90 Degree Corner Clamp, Clamps At Fixed 90 Degree Angle For Miter Or Butt Joints, Mounting Holes To Fix To Work Surface, Open Design Allows Ample Clearance...

Bessey Tools B-EC3 3-Way Edge Clamp
SKU: UKLB-6967
UPC: 091162008188
$15.29   $13.29

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Light Duty, 3-Way, Edge Clamp, Strong Drop Forged C-Frame, 3 Spindles Make Tool Versatile, All Steel Construction Makes It Suitable For Welding Applications,...

Bessey Tools WS-3-2K 90 DEG ANG Clamp
SKU: UKLB-6428
UPC: 091162001547
$27.59   $24.39

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90 Degree, Angle Clamp, Holds & Aligns Materials At A 90 Degree Angle, Automatically Adjusts To Hold Two Different Sizes Of Wood Together, Jaws…