Chain Wrenches

  • Chain Wrenches are pipe wrenches used for tightening and loosening odd-shaped objects, such as pipes and square objects.
  • Have an adjustable chain that wraps around the object, with ends that connect teeth of chain to engage and turn the object.
  • Some models feature a locking mechanism with ratcheting action for turning in either direction.
Crescent CW12H 12 Inch Chain Wrench
SKU: EGBA-9446
UPC: 043127143175
$29.99   $26.59

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Chain wrenches"diamond" carded cap. 4 l inchgth. 12 inch Nickel chrome plated to resist rust. Double action works in both directions,handles…

Crescent CW12H 12 Inch Chain Wrench
SKU: UJLB-8065
UPC: 043127143175
$30.99   $27.49

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12 inches auto & chain wrench, chrome plated.