Ceiling Fan Cleaning Accessories

Unger Industrial 972660 Unger 962660 Duster, 3-1/2 In H X 8-1/4 In D, Microfiber Head
SKU: DBFA-2326
UPC: 761475972666
$12.59   $10.89

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Duster ceiling fan size 11 inch x 8 Ceiling fan duster with microfiber cleaning head reaches around fan blades for easy, quick and safe dusting. Easily and...

Unger Industrial 92149 20 Inch Bendable Wool Duster
SKU: KGLA-2235
UPC: 761475921497
$12.49   $10.79

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20 inch bendable wool duster with natural lambswool that attracts and holds dust without chemicals. Remove dust from vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, mini...

Westinghouse 77105 All Purpose Electrostatic Duster
SKU: UCJB-8771
UPC: 030721771057
$12.39   $10.69

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All purpose electrostatic duster, telescopic handle extends up to 72 inch, flexible head adjusts to any angle, perfect for cleaning fan blades, fixtures or...

Ettore 32001 Fannie Ceiling Fan Duster
SKU: UJBB-4869
UPC: 032611320017
$14.19   $12.29

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Fannie ceiling fan duster, brightly colored aqua or violet pvc bristles - cannot specify, split-tips capture dust and dirt, metal handle extends to 59...