Antifreeze Testers

Victor 22-5-00332-8 Victor 22-5-00332-8 Dial Ethylene Glycol Antifreez
SKU: JABA-9124
UPC: 077231003322
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Anti-freeze/coolant testers dial type ethylene glycol tester color=black/clear Easy-to-read dial face with large pointer and chart. Tests hot or cold. Helps...

Custom Accessories 46664 Mini Antifreeze Tester
SKU: UGAB-2527
UPC: 077341466642
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Miniature antifreeze tester, hydrometer, floating ball type, checks to negative 40 degree fahrenheit.

Prestone AF1420 Professional Antifreeze Tester
SKU: UGFB-0914
UPC: 797496004697
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Prestone, professional antifreeze coolant tester, quick test for freeze and boilover protection, allows inspection for rust and sediment.